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2017 Pictures of the Year: Baltimore Sun Media Group

A picture is worth a thousand words. This phrase is foreign to no one. It refers to the idea that a subject or the meaning of that subject can be represented with a single image more effectively than a written explanation. A journalist uses words to tell stories, while a photojournalist uses a camera. To represent a story visually. Typically, a single photo, or a series of photos is used to enhance a story. Sometimes, photos alone are used to tell the story. Photojournalists capture images that represent what is happening at a moment in time from their perspective. They are visual reporters. Through training and experience, photojournalists are attentive to detail, lighting and composition. Local favorite and retired Sun photojournalist, Jed Kirschbaum calls this “writing with light.” In the galleries below, we take another look, our best photos of the year, as we saw it in 2017.