Girl Scout Troop 4503 earns Silver Award [Glenwood/Glenelg/Dayton]

Members of Cadette Girl Scout Troop 4503, seventh graders from Folly Quarter Middle School, have spent the last two years working on their Silver Journey and their Silver Project of Helping the Military, and have finally earned their Silver Award.

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Cadette can earn, requiring the girls to demonstrate leadership and organizational skills while completing a project for the community.

Troop members Abby Barton, Carson Dillard, Sierra Hughes, Erin Jeffery, Ana Lesho, Katie Rine, Juliana Staples, Elizabeth Stiller and Maddie Waksmunski, under the guidance of leaders Kathleen Jeffery and Sandra Barton, worked in groups on multiple projects over the years.

The projects included planning and implementing a canned food drive for Fort Meade's Food Pantry, USO Food Bags for military members passing through BWI airport, a Parent Night Out Program for military children in Howard County, and a Visitation Project to the VA Hospital in Baltimore, with cards for both winter holidays and Valentine's day.

The girls also raised money by selling cookies and running a bake sale, and were able to donate eight Christmas boxes to the Samaritans Purse Project and $100 to Little Patriots Embraced. Congratulations to these active young women who are making our community a better place.

Bushy Park Elementary School released some impressive results from their Walking Wednesday program for the year. Over the past school year the students from Bushy Park have walked laps around a playing field at recess when the weather was good, while parent volunteers counted the trips. The grand total for the year is 11,801 laps, which is about 2,360 miles. As coordinator Pam Williams explained to the students, "That means we could have travelled from Glenwood, Maryland, all the way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona!" That's a lot of walking.

The Golden Sneaker Award for the grade with the most laps walked goes to second grade with 3,218 laps. That equals about 644 miles, or the distance from Glenwood to Atlanta. Third graders walked 2,775 laps, or approximately 555 miles, and also had the top five walkers in the school. The fifth graders walked 2,032 laps, fourth graders walked 1,835 laps, first graders walked 1,059 laps and kindergarteners walked 882 laps.

The Silver Sneaker Award, for the grade with the highest percentage of participants, was presented to the first grade class, as 94 percent of the class participated. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who spent many hours counting laps and helping the students at Bushy Park learn good, healthy habits.

The Bushy Park Fifth Grade Gifted and Talented Math Classes participated in the Mathematical Olympiad competition, an international contest consisting of challenging, thought-provoking problems offered to students in grades four through eight from over 30 countries.

Mathletes (as they are called) from Bushy Park, met the challenge with flying colors and received a plaque for outstanding team achievement, ranking them in the top ten percent of the 5,000 teams from all over the world.

Top scorers were Zachary Kersh and Elizabeth Knox, who correctly solved 22 of the 25 problems. They each received the top scorer trophy and a gold pin for scoring in the top two percent. Ethan Bomhardt, Madelyn Dwyer, Niko Garbis, Liam Hayden, Mitchel Johnson, Alexandra Knox, Ryan Kryder, Jonathan Nagle, Zoe Noor, Tim Pearson, Adrien Peregoff, David Richman, Katie Ringer, Noah Stewart and Caleb Taylor received silver pins for scoring in the 90 to 97th percentile. Congratulations to these mathletes.

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