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Laurel 'powers on' rebooted TV station

The city of Laurel publicly rebooted its public access cable network, now called Laurel TV, at a launch party and event held Wednesday inside the Laurel Municipal Center.

The event was held as a way to spread the word to the public about recent changes made to the network, which was acquired by the city from a nonprofit last year.

The changes, which includes improving the video quality and an influx of new programming, have been spearheaded by recently hired Communications Director Audrey Barnes. Prior to working for the city, Barnes had a 30-year career working as a television reporter in Washington and parts of Michigan.

"It’s a new day at Laurel TV. You will still see city government at work, but we are adding new programs and breathing new life into your public access television station, and we want you to be a part of this exciting transformation," Barnes said at the event, which was held inside the studio located at the Municipal Center.

The new slogan for the station is "Turn your power on," which Barnes said means: "you have to turn on Laurel TV to empower yourself and learn about all things happening in Laurel."

Barnes said there needs to be a strong corps of volunteers in order for the station to be successful.

"This is your public television station. It's what you, the people of Laurel, want to see on television," she said. 

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