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Woman, accused of stealing a lobster, in hot water with Laurel police

Laurel Leader

A woman did not clam up after she was accused of snatching a live lobster from a tank in a Laurel restaurant last week, police said.

Laurel Police officers were dispatched to the Red Lobster restaurant in the Laurel Lakes Centre at 6:14 p.m. on June 25 and they quickly cracked the case.

The woman found herself in a pinch after officers confronted her in the parking lot. She admitted the crustacean was in the trunk of her car, the police said.

The woman was arrested and issued a criminal citation according to police. Laurel police spokeswoman Laura Guenin said that “typically on smaller cases” the name(s) of those involved are not released nor are the charges.

The lobster was returned safety to the restaurant's tank.

A manager from the restaurant was unable to provide comment. Red Lobster’s corporate marketing office did not return a request for comment.

According to Red Lobster’s website, a live Maine lobster is priced at $33.49 and a rock lobster tail is $33.99.

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