Laurel Police deploy decoy speed cameras

In an effort to further decrease speeding in city school zones, Laurel Police have deployed two camera-less speed camera boxes, which are actually full of sandbags, to act as decoys.

"So far, we think it's had the same effect (as the actual speed cameras)," city spokesman Pete Piringer said about the decoys, which were deployed on the 500 block of Montgomery Street near Laurel Elementary and on Main Street.

"People will see the box and be reminded to slow down and abide by the speed limits," he said.

Piringer said the idea for the two decoy boxes, which cost approximately $2,500 each, came from Police Chief Richard McLaughlin and shows the current speed camera program, which deploys six active cameras within a half-mile radius of school zones, isn't about revenue.

"If we were concerned about revenue we would put cameras in the boxes," Piringer said. "The desired effect is slower moving cars in those particular areas."

According to Piringer, in 2011, the city issued 90,900 citations. In 2012, 39,600 were issued.

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