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Laurel city officials provide tips to prevent frozen pipes amid cold weather

Andrew Michaels
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Laurel city officials provide tips to prevent frozen pipes amid cold weather

With frigid temperatures expected throughout the weekend, Laurel city officials are asking residents, landlords, and commercial property owners to take the necessary precautions to prevent sprinkler pipes from freezing in the cold.

City officials have provided the following tips to keep pipes from freezing:

• Make sure that pipes exposed to the temperatures outside are properly insulated.

• Maintain adequate heat for the pipes during frigid weather by keeping doors, garage doors, windows and vents closed when not in use.

• In attics, pipes should be as close to the ceiling as possible with insulation placed over the sprinkler pipe.

Frozen plumbing pipes are also possible, city officials said, and can be prevented by opening cabinet doors that house water pipes, allowing the home's heat inside. Residents may also slightly open the faucet to allow limited water flow, making it more difficult to freeze.

In addition to the provided tips, city officials ask home and business owners to locate their main water valves and know how to turn them off in case a pipe bursts. Sprinkler systems should also be tested and inspected periodically to ensure they're in working order.

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