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Outpatient surgery facility opens in Beltsville near Laurel Regional

Advantia Health has opened its third outpatient surgery facility near Route 1 in Beltsville.

With residents gaining momentum in their fight to save Laurel Regional Hospital, Advantia Health has opened its first outpatient surgery facility near Route 1 in Beltsville, providing immediate health care to its patients.

Advantia Health CEO Sean Glass said the facility —roughly 10,000 square feet — brings doctors and physicians to the area with the goal to provide patients with high-valued quick service for a low cost. Located off Indian Creek Court near Laurel's city limits, the surgery center also holds a medical office and lab facility.

"We have a physician office, with the ability to perform sonograms and do other diagnostic testing," Glass said. "We also have an operating room and multiple procedure rooms. Anything you'd be able to do in a hospital's outpatient department, we can do."

As the company prepared to open its Beltsville facility, Glass said they had no idea Laurel Regional was planning to transition into a 24-hour ambulatory care center by 2018; a facility, he believes, will be much larger than Advantia Health's outpatient center.

"Part of what's important about our model is that we have doctors in the facility who are all working to provide better clinical coordination and care," Glass said. "We're focused on being a nimble healthcare service company. We think there's really a lot of opportunity to provide great care to people in that region. We do think that they are being underserved."

Glass said he understands the community's "valid concern" about Laurel Regional's closing, but hopes the Beltsville facility will be a part of the overall solution.

"It's always disappointing to a community when there are less resources to take care of their health," he said. "We understand and empathize with people and their concerns about the loss of the facility. While we can understand that it's disappointing to see that hospital close, as we grow, we will try to be a solution for people."

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