Fine-tune process for Ravens Rise football showdown

Howard County Times

As a representative of the Marriottsville, Sykesville, Woodstock neighborhoods, I heard from various members of the community with concern about the voting process for the Ravens Rise High School Football Showdown for the games to be played on Sept. 14.

As a parent of a Marriotts Ridge High School senior football player, I voted, along with many family members and friends, numerous times for the Marriotts Ridge/Hammond High School football game to be played on Sept. 14. I was among the many parents, players and supporters who were disappointed by The Baltimore Sun’s decision to discount all votes recorded for Monday, Sept. 10.

As reports of robo-voting were made, The Baltimore Sun, along with The Ravens Organization, made the decision to not count any votes recorded on Sept. 10 and extend voting to Sept. 12 at 8:30 a.m.

As I reached out for clarification on what robo-voting was, I was given the run-around and transferred to non-existent voicemails for various people. After several attempts at reaching someone for clarification, I did receive a call back from The Baltimore Sun on Sept. 13.

While I was informed about a Twitter account explaining how to “robo-vote,” I must say I was disappointed with how the entire voting process was handled. I believe if The Baltimore Sun continues to hold these voting polls in the future, it y needs to reevaluate the voting process.

I know for a fact that many of the votes were made fairly and by humans, not computers. Perhaps the future polls should only allow one vote per IP address or email account.

While it was unfortunate that Marriotts Ridge and Hammond high schools did not win the contest, congratulations should be extended to Atholton and Reservoir high schools whom each received $1,500 for their athletic department as well as T-shirts, visits from the Ravens mascot and more.

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