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Best CrossFit Box: CrossFit Cove

If you go to a CrossFit gym, you expect to find workouts that combine weight lifting, calisthenics, running, rowing, body weight exercises and a lot more, including such distinctive exercises as flipping giant truck tires.

What you might not expect to find is clients ranging from 14 to 70 years old and with a broad spectrum of physical abilities, classes in which children as young as 5 can work out with their parents, and a fully outfitted, frequently staffed play area for youngsters.

You will find all of that at CrossFit Cove, one of the nine CrossFit boxes, as they are called, in Howard County.

“We really believe, and we built this place because we believe, that CrossFit can be for everyone,” says Marina Anglim, a trainer and co-owner of the not-quite-2-year-old CrossFit Cove in Columbia. “It’s not just for ex-athletes from college or the people training to be competitive cross-fitters. Our box is chock full of people of all ages, all abilities. We built this to service the diversity that Columbia has, and we have a very strong, tight-knit community here.”

The facility also was built with the busy, multitasking Howard County community in mind, which explains the “Kiddie Cove,” the extended class hours and the open hours when members can come in to work out on their own.

“The last thing working out should be is another stressor,” Anglim says. “We really try to service all different types of people who live very different, sometimes very busy lives.”

7175 Oakland Mills Road, Suite M, Columbia443-583-4351crossfitcove.com

Pete Pichaske | For Howard Magazine
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