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100 Years Ago

Four diplomas

"High School Commencement

"The commencement exercises of the Ellicott City High School were held in the Courthouse Thursday evening last and were attended by a very large gathering of parents and friends of the pupils. The program rendered was especially interesting and brought forth much applause.

"The program: Hymn: 'Father, Again We Meet'; Scripture Reading; Prayer ... Rev. E.T. Helfenstein; Essay ... Sadie Goldberg; 'Woman As A Wage Earner';  Essay 'Education For Business'; Song 'Lightly Our Boat'; Oration ... William Holman 'Influence of the Panama Canal on the Commerce of the World'; Song 'Our Country'; Address ... Hon. Louis T. Clark; Valedictory, Mary Rosalie Gaither; 'Diving for Pearls.

"Awarding of diplomas was by County superintendent W.C. Phillips. Announcements were by the Principal. And the last song, 'Now Good Evening, Good Night'.

"This year's graduates are Misses Mary Rosalie Gaither and Sadie Margaret Goldberg, of Ellicott City, Miss Eva Clarke Cavey of Ilchester and William Henry Holmes of Henryton."

Four graduates! Had there been Senior Week in Ocean City, then the entire class could have traveled there in just one Model-T.

William was lucky. I'd imagine most of the other high school students, especially the boys, left school long before graduating to work on the farm or take a job in the city.

75 Years Ago

The underground

 A Times editorial entitled: "No Cellars Here"

"Americans returning from abroad say that everywhere in London and in many sections of Paris, workmen are delving underground. But it is not in building subways, sewer and cable systems, such as local people are accustomed to seeing when they visit big cities. Over there, they are spending billions of dollars in building huge underground shelters, or tunnels or cellars, where they population may take shelter from bombing raids in case of war.

"Many centuries have passed into history since prehistoric man crawled out of his cave and sought the light of day. Now he is preparing to crawl back into it again. Thank heaven, we in America have so far escaped this blight of destruction.

"It has been our privilege to build a mighty nation oceans removed from Old World civilization and Oriental barbarism. In some parts of this country we may have to duck underground occasionally. But this is because of Nature's playfulness, and not because of man's inhumanity to man."

However, in a few years any smugness about being far "removed" from the world's problems would be curtailed. Soon there'd be the United States' Manhattan project and the production of the atomic bomb. By 1949, the Soviet Union would have "The Bomb" too, and cellars in the United States would also become a news item as underground shelters were integral to the Civil Defense program.

50 Years Ago

Gala on Route 40

"Millers Chevrolet Opens New Shop: Miller Chevrolet invites the public to the gala opening of their new building on Route 40 near St. Johns Lane this week end. This 'home grown' business, started in 1927 in a former livery stable, will occupy a massive building with thirty-thousand square feet of floor space, all on one floor except for offices on a mezzanine.

"Three entrances, from St. Johns Lane, Route 144 and Route 40, will lead to the new building which will combine new and used car sales, parts department and engine and body shops.

:The building most recently occupied by Miller's Chevrolet, on main street just west of the Health Department, will probably be used to recondition cars, Charles W. Miller says. Mr. Miller, who was a partner in the original firm, has seen the County grow as his business did. He remembers when you could buy a car for the tax on it now.

"His staff has grown from 14 in 1927 to 38 now and his sales volume increased from 125 new cars to 650 sales a year."

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