Artists take show to festival

It will be quite a bit smaller and it will only be temporary, but the 10x10 foot space to showcase their art at the Columbia Festival of the Arts means everything to Kathy Swan and Ellen Corddry.

The two were selected to be the featured artists for the month of June at the Artists’ Gallery in historic Ellicott City, an artist-owned and operated gallery. After the devastating flood on May 27, the show was canceled until the members were offered a booth at the opening weekend of the Columbia Festival of the Arts.

“Kathy and Ellen were ready to put up their show that night [of the flood],” said Diane Dunn, vice president, of the Artists’ Gallery. “When the board of the festival offered us this space, we decided to give it to Kathy and Ellen.”

Now, Swan’s ceramics and Corddry’s wood block prints show, “In Sight: Observations of the Natural World” will take place June 15-17 at Columbia’s Lakefront during the festival’s opening weekend.

“It is nice of them to do this,” Corddry said. “I’m really happy to have the chance. A lot of people come to the festival.”

For Swan, the June show was to be her first at the Artists’ Gallery. Now, it is her first multi-day festival show.

“I’m really thrilled they are able to accommodate us there,” Swan said. “It is very, very kind of them.”

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