Post from iconic Ellicott City clock recovered after being swept away in May flooding

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Firefighters on Monday found the post of an iconic Ellicott City clock that was lost during the town’s massive flood in May.

It was the latest piece of the clock that volunteers and firefighters have been able to find.

“Bit by bit we are recovering and preserving Main Street’s history and artifacts,” Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman wrote in a Facebook post.

This clock is a replacement of the original clock, also victim to flood waters in 2016. Pieces of that clock were also eventually found, and its face is displayed in a museum.

The Facebook post displayed photos of 10 volunteer and professional firefighters from Howard County carrying the clock post out of a rocky, muddy area. Most of it appeared to be intact.

Last month, Ellicott City residents Geoff and Mark Haver found the frame and part of the face of the clock, according to Howard County officials.

It was placed in storage until community leaders could figure out what to do, county spokeswoman Lisa de Hernández previously told The Sun.

A spokesman for Howard County did not immediately return a call to say if there are any plans for the clock's pieces.

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