A Howard County concert in honor and memory

Since her diagnosis with stage 4 breast cancer in June 2014, Maggie Kudirka, 26, of Ellicott City, has organized a dance concert. A professional ballet dancer, Kudirka hosts it for a variety of reasons, from raising cancer awareness to helping with medical bills, but most importantly, for herself. On Jan 14, Kudirka, who is known as the Bald Ballerina, will host her fourth No One Can Survive Alone: A Fundraiser Concert for the Bald Ballerina.

“Since my diagnosis, it is a little bit harder to dance. I don’t have the energy levels. My body is stiff,” Kudirka said. “It is still a pleasure. It is so energizing to go into the studio and do what I can.”

For this concert, Kudirka will be performing a world premier-piece with the Bad Boys of Ballet, who will be making their first appearance in Howard County.

“It is a very quick piece,” Kudirka said. “I will be working early in the week to set the piece. I will have a whole week of rehearsals. The boys three days.”

Sara Michelle Murawski, a former principal dancer in Europe and with the Pennsylvania Ballet in 2016, will also be making her first appearance and is choreographing a new piece for the event.

“Everyone picks what they want to perform,” Kudirka said. “The show is dedicated to remembering people we lost and the happy times we had with them.”

Members of Dance Explosion, Baltimore dance group, will perform a piece in memory of a fellow dancer that was killed in a hit and run accident last year.

“It is an emotional show,” Kudirka said.

Other performers include Riley Marshall, Adrienne Canterna , Ashley Canterna-Hardy, Derek Dunn, Alicia Canterna, Eddie Hall, Jon Ole Olestad, Lydia Haug, Jourdan Epstein and Andrew Holtz. Dance studios performing include Edna Lee Dance Studio, Design in Motion, The Academy of Russian Ballet and Studio Bleu.

Refreshments and a reception to meet the performers will follow the show. Bald Ballerina merchandise will be available for purchase as well as raffles and silent auctions.

No One Can Survive Alone: A Fundraiser Concert for the Bald Ballerina will take place Sunday, Jan. 14 at 2:30 p.m. at Smith Theater, Howard Community College. Donations of $35, HCC students with valid student ID, $25. Contact BaldBallerina@gmail.com.

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