Facts about Allen Dyer

Allen Dyer

Age: 66

Occupation: Computer Consultant, Lawyer, Pilot

Education:   1953 – 1964. Public Schools 1– 12 in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas & Washington State. HS Grad. Lincoln High, Seattle; 1964 – 1968. U.S. Air Force Academy. BS in Engineering Science. Regular Commission; 1968 – 1969 U.S.A.F. Pilot Training. Pilot Rating; 1973 – 1976. University of Maryland School of Law. Juris Doctor.

Previous elected office/community involvement: Served one term as elected member of the Howard County Board of Education

Goal as a Board of Education member: I support additional resources targeted at the more needy students, more skills training opportunities for all students, and HCPSS MUST be accountable and transparent.

Campaign website: http://www.lawlab.com/campaign/

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