Reader gives two cents on Towne Centre at Laurel [Letter]

It's nice to see that Laurel is getting a new movie theater. Long over due. Does Laurel really need another Outback and Panera Bread? If they really want to have restaurants how about the Cheesecake Factory or UNO.

Why another grocery store when there is one a block away and another one about a mile away. Why another Sports Authority and another Party City when Laurel already has these two stores.

Good to see that Old Navy is coming to Laurel. As for Burlington, it's nice but it's already been here and it wasn't that much of a big draw when it was open.

So far from what I've read the new center isn't going to make people jump into their car and come rushing to it. I shop at Columbia mall because of the major department stores and a very good selection of small stores. I can only hope that in the coming months the owners will announce that there will be brand name children's, men's and women's clothing stores coming to the center.

Last but not least, instead of Towne Centre at Laurel (since there is ready a Town Center in South Laurel) how about Laurel Patuxent Plaza. Laurel was founded on one of the Patuxent Rivers.

I hope it all works out for the best because Laurel deserves the best.

Mark Carder


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