Two motor vehicle thefts reported by Laurel Police

Laurel police report felonies, arrests and property crimes. Prince George's County police report violent crimes and property crimes. Anne Arundel County police report major crimes. Howard County police report major crimes, break-ins and car thefts.

City of Laurel

Main Street, 500 block, Jan. 16. Theft.

Ninth Street, 600 block, Jan. 15. Motor vehicle theft.

Cherry Lane, 7700 block, Jan. 15. Theft.

Fifth Street, 800 block, Jan. 14. Theft.

Second Street, Unit block, Jan. 13. Theft from motor vehicle.

Baltimore Avenue, 14700 block, Jan. 13. Theft from motor vehicle.

Harvest Bend Lane, 8200 block, Jan. 13. Theft from motor vehicle.

Baltimore Avenue, 15100 block, Jan. 13. Motor vehicle theft – truck.

Baltimore Avenue, 14200 block, Jan. 12. Theft from motor vehicle.

Fairlawn Avenue, 1000 block, Jan. 12. Shoplifting.

Fort Meade Road, 200 block, Jan. 9. Shoplifting.

Kilbarron Drive, 7800 block, Jan. 9. Theft.

Prince George's County

Bowie Road, 14700 block, Jan. 19. Break-in report.

Muirkirk Road, 9500 block, Jan. 19. Stolen vehicle.

Clayburn Drive, 15500 block, Jan. 19. Stolen vehicle.

Barnsley Court, 8800 block, Jan. 17. Robbery.

Snowden Road, 10100 block, Jan. 17. Break-in.

Williamson Avenue, 14000 block, Jan. 17. Theft from auto.

Sumner Grove Drive, 8800 block, Jan. 16. Break-in.

Cypress Street, 8400 block, Jan. 16. Break-in.

Baltimore Avenue, 14000 block, Jan. 16. Theft.

Springfield Road, 11300 block, Jan. 16. Theft from auto.

Briarwood Drive/Hawthorne Lane, Jan. 16. Stolen vehicle.

Mistletoe Spring Road, 13000 block, Jan. 15. Break-in report.

Sweitzer Lane, 14800 block, Jan. 15. Theft.

South Laurel Drive, 11700 block, Jan. 15. Theft from auto.

Cherry Lane, 8000 block, Jan. 14. Assault.

Muirkirk Meadows Drive, 7000 block, Jan. 14. Theft.

Briarwood Drive, 13900 block, Jan. 14. Theft from auto.

Cherry Lane, 9000 block, Jan. 13. Assault.

Clarke Avenue, 13800 block, Jan. 13. Break-in.

Oxwell Lane, 8700 block, Jan. 13. Theft.

Baltimore Avenue, 14600 block, Jan. 13. Theft from auto.

Baltimore Avenue, 14600 block, Jan. 13. Theft from auto.

Anne Arundel County

Laurel Fort Meade Road, 3500 block, 8:16 p.m., Jan. 18. Victim entering car when approached by man with handgun. Purse stolen. Man fled toward Hoizon Square Apartments.

Russett Green East, 3500 block, approximately 10:57 p.m., Jan. 20. Man attempted to return used electronic tablet and headphones from his head at Walmart customer service counter, without receipts. Employee refused, and man took BB gun from backback and pointed it at employee, who yelled. Man fled store and was found walking from store. Shahzad M. Iqbal, 41, of Laurel Fort Meade Road, arrested and charged with attempt robbery, attempt first degree assault and possession of CDS.

Howard County

Park Avenue, 9600 block, between 3 and 4 a.m. Jan. 19. Victims confronted by two unknown people with handguns and knife. Electronics, jewelry, keys and cash stolen. No injuries

Anyone with information on any of these crimes can call the appropriate police department: city of Laurel, 301-498-0092; Prince George's County, 1-866-643-2369. Anne Arundel County, 1-866-756-2587; Howard County, 410-313-2200.




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