'First area to be acquired in Howard County Parkland Plan approved' [History Matters]

50 Years Ago

A park is born

In a Times article:

"The first area to be acquired in the Howard County Parkland Plan, the Bethany area, has been approved by the park board and the commissioners and steps will be soon underway toward purchase.

"The commissioners were asked to approve an engineering study to be made in the Middle Patuxent Area to determine the feasibility of the construction of a future water supply reservoir.

"This was the suggestion of Senator James Clark, who pointed out that this is the last section suitable for a dam to supply Howard County with water.

"Senator Clark said that water prices from Baltimore might become prohibitive and unless the ground were reserved in advance the County would be in a difficult situation.

"The 203 acres in the Bethany area in the Little Patuxent will be purchased by a fund composed of the $200,000 received recently from the sale of bonds; a $200,000 ran from the State Department of Forest and Parkas and a matching grant of approximately 4120,000 from the Federal government.

"It is felt the Bethany Park will not cost the whole $520,000 and that funds will remain toward the purchase of the Centennial Lane Park area or the 1340 Middle Patuxent area.

"Financing of the purchase of the rest of the land is still under consideration by the Park Board. Once source might be the real estate transfer tax, approved by the recent Legislature, which has not been put into effect by the County Commissioners."

December 1927

From the grapevine     

From Glenelg: "Mrs. Herman Knust is suffering from an attack of grippe.

"Mrs. Isaac Louis Otis spent Tuesday in Baltimore.

"Mrs. Charles Murphy spent Saturday with her father, Mr. William Hamilton, at his Howard County home.

 "Mrs. John Edwards Gardiner, of 'Water Rock,' Howard County, entertained the members of the Missionary Society last week.

"Miss Florence Murphy fell at her home recently and sustained a broken arm. Dr. F. Shipley reduced the fracture.

 "Mr. and Mrs. John C. Braner, of Baltimore, and Mr. David Braner of Fredericksburg, Va., recently visited friends near here.

 "Mrs. J. A. Delaney has been spending a few days in Baltimore.

"Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Delaney have been entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Kennedy and son, Mr. "Jack" Kennedy, of Baltimore."

 (It seems Mrs. J. A. had a pretty full social calendar!)

 From Elkridge: "Miss Elise Pearson has returned from a visit to Miss Mary Myers, of Philadelphia.

"Mrs. Wm Wiley and daughters of Philadelphia visited relatives here."

December 1889

Moderate terms

In ads and notices in the Times:

"Springfield Institute: Boarding school for young ladies and little girls. Full corps of teachers. Language, Music, Art. Moderate terms. Rev. P. P. Flournoy, Principal, Sykesville, Md.

"The Baltimore Bureau of The Times is located at 503 W. Baltimore Street. Mr. D. F. Orr is in charge and will attend to all city advertisements and furnish estimates for job work.

"Of twelve wills deposited in the safe of the Register of Wills' office, two are ready for probate."

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