'Public Hearing For Polluted Patuxent' [History Matters]

50 Years Ago

Pollution concern

"Public Hearing For Polluted Patuxent" was the headline for an article about a hearing held by the Potomac River committee of the State Legislative council, where "Local officials are being urged to present their plans for watershed pollution and land acquisition in the Patuxent Valley. The legislative committee invites local comment on ways an means of preventing pollution of the Patuxent."

"Worthington Zoning Hearing Date Set

"The zoning hearing on the petition of Worthington Construction Corporation, scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 8, has been postponed to Wednesday, November 6, at 1:30 p.m. The petition seeks to change the zoning of property on Montgomery Road, opposite the Ellicott City Junior High School, from R-20 to R-12. For further details, see Court House Capsules."

October 1927

Deals on radios

A Times ad: "World Series; Opens October 15th; Get your Radio now and have it working for the Series. We are Agents for the following makes of Radio:

"Crosley — $125.00 and up; Bosch — $145.00 and up; Fada — $190.00 and up. All sets are complete. Nothing else to buy. This includes installation. The Lorriaine Electric Co. H.O. Makinson, Main Street Ellicott City, Md.

"Maryland's Motor Vehicle Tags For 1928 Will Be Blue and White

"Motorists of the county will be interested in knowing that the colors used for the 1928 automobile license plates will be blue and white. The background will be of a light blue while the numerals will be white. The announcement has just been made by D. Marshall Schroeder, Deputy Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for Maryland.

"Many states, for reasons of economy and for lack of sufficient state funds, have made a plate of tin or of a very thin grade steel, Mr. Schroeder said. The only other State making the same grade plate as Maryland is New Jersey. Maryland will not adopt the system of having the same color plates every year, according to Mr. Schroeder."

"Mrs. Lucy Warfield Dies in Hospital

"Mrs. Lucy Worthington Warfield, widow of Joshua N. Warfield, a brother of the late Gov. Edwin Warfield, died last Sunday at the Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, after a comparatively brief illness. Mrs. Warfield who was 70 years old, had been in unusually good health until a little more than a week prior to her demise.

"Mrs. Warfield was born in Brookville, Montgomery county, and resided there until her marriage to Mr. Warfield. ... The deceased is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Margaret Warfield Lloyd of Downingtown, Pa., and two sons. Norman Warfield and Joshua N. Warfield, Jr. both of Howard County. .... . Interment was in the Warfield family cemetery at Cherry Grove."

Cherry Grove was the family farm in Woodbine, where the remains of Gov. Warfield are also buried. The site is on the National Register of Historic Places.

October 1889

Catholics plan procession

"Baltimore's Catholic Centennial; Making Arrangements for a Big Time in November.

"Representatives of the Catholic Society of the Archdiocese of Baltimore met Tuesday night in Maryland Hall, Baltimore, to make preparations for the procession, which will take place on the night of November 12 next.

"The convention was opened by an address by Mr. Jas. R. Wheeler, in which he stated the work of the meeting would do. He nominated for president Mr. Keene, of Ellicott City, president of the State council of Catholic Benevolent Legion."

Pope Pius VI created the Baltimore Diocese in 1789 and made John Carroll the first bishop of the United States. Carroll would lay the cornerstone of the Baltimore Cathedral (Basilica) in 1806, a building designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Another Latrobe project was the United States Capitol building. His son designed the Thomas Viaduct, which bridges the Patpasco between Relay and Elkridge.

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