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It takes a village to keep Columbia villages beautiful [Letter]

I have been a resident of Columbia since 1976 and always enjoyed the area. I currently reside in Long Reach (since 1991). It was always taken care as all the other villages. I have noticed a steady decline in the upkeep. Trash is strewn everywhere, sidewalks are broken and fallen trees are left to their demise. It is difficult to walk without running into low-hanging tree branches or poison ivy hovering over head. It is really sad to see the area look so downtrodden. It would be nice if some of the Columbia Association funds that we pay could go to take care of some of these issues. It makes our village look like we don't care about the neighborhood. We could strategically place more trash bins along Tamar Drive, where many residents walk pets and school children walk. Let's all get together and clean up our villages and keep the spirit going to maintain the beauty we once knew.

Sheri Leach


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