Time to stoke up appetites for country breakfasts with 5th District's VFD [Clarksville]

Breakfast is coming to town.

The traditional 5th District Volunteer Fire Department's country breakfasts will be back on the community calendar starting Sept. 15 from 8 a.m. to noon in the Ten Oaks Ballroom at 5000 Signal Bell Lane near the intersection of Routes 32 and 108. The menu includes pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, scrapple, apple sauce, gravy and biscuits, breakfast beverages and more. The cost is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors 55+, $5 for children ages 5-10 and free for children under 5.

The volunteers appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you Sept. 15 at the first country breakfast of the season. Your next opportunity for breakfast with the VFD will be Nov. 10.

It was great to hear from Robb Long after the family move to Missouri. It's been a busy first month, but they took time for fun, too. He and Chris are slowly settling into their new home in Defiance near St. Louis. It's out in the country and he notes they have discovered a lot of interesting history practically right in the backyard. Daniel Boone spent the last 20 years of his life minutes from the new Long home. They have visited his Judgment Tree and homestead.

Also just minutes from the house is the Missouri River which the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled . Robb and Chris rode bikes on the Lewis and Clark Trail

The 237 mile hiking-and-biking Katy Trail is only a half mile from their front door. The Longs get their morning exercise by walking the pathway and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Work-wise, Robb has been busy. Ron Clouzet and Michael Hasel held a four-night series on archaeology and biblical prophecy for all the St. Louis area. Robb thinks people in Clarksville would enjoy hearing Michael Hasel lecture on biblical archaeology. He's fantastic. I've heard Michael and would definitely agree.

Elder Clouzet will be holding a three-week series of meetings in St. Louis soon.

As for the girls, Abby Long celebrated her 16th birthday at Fletcher Academy in North Carolina on Sept. 5. Happy belated birthday greetings, Abby. Have a wonderful year.

Abby and younger sister Sara are doing well in their studies at the boarding school and making new friends. The sisters do not room together, but they enjoy swimming together in the morning before classes begin. Both girls are working, Abby in the finance office and Sara in the cafeteria. They enjoy extracurricular activities and hearing from friends and family by mail.

When friends and neighbors move away, we miss them, but wish them well wherever they go.

The annual magazine sale at Clarksville Middle School had its kickoff Sept. 10. You can order new subscriptions or extend current magazines. If you're thinking of giving a gift subscription or ordering for yourself, you will be giving a gift to CMS at the same time with no extra cost. The magazine sale has been a wonderful blessing to the school for many years. Contact the school or your neighborhood CMS student.

Registration is now open for Sports on Sunday, a co-ed kids' soccer program for kindergarten through grade 5 starting Sept. 15. Call or text 410-541-NEWH (6394), send e-mail to info@lookingforachurch.org or go to http://www.lookingforachurch.org/ for more information.

The fine arts department at River Hill needs 35 mm single-lens Reflex cameras for students taking photography. Don't worry, the students also get training on the latest equipment, but there are important skills to be learned on the older equipment. If you have cameras to donate or photo and darkroom equipment bring them to the school or contact Jacob_cecil@hcpss.org.

You'll be getting rid of clutter while helping students. It's a win-win.

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