Laurel Police report three burglaries [Crime log]

Laurel police report felonies, arrests and property crimes. Prince George's County police report violent crimes and property crimes.Howard County police report major crimes, break-ins and car thefts.

City of Laurel

Fourth Street/Ashford Boulevard, Aug. 1. Mother walking with daughter robbed by man with handgun. Man took mother's purse and phone, and fled on Ashford Boulevard.

Second Street, 100 block, July 29. Two juveniles arrested for assault. Victim had multiple facial injuries.

Rosemore Lane, 14300 block, July 24. Unforced burglary.

Laurel Park Drive, 14200 block, July 24. Theft.

Cypress Street, 7900 block, July 24. Theft from motor vehicle.

William Street, 14100 block, July 24. Theft of motor vehicle parts and accessories.

Old Sandy Spring Road, 7100 block, July 23. Forced entry burglary.

Carriage Hill Drive, 7200 block, July 22. Forced entry burglary.

Main Street, 500 block, July 22. Attempted burglary.

Prince George's County

Laurel Bowie Road, 13200 block, July 28. Theft.

Cherry Lane, 14300 block, July 27. Robbery.

Kerr Road, 15800 block, July 27. Break-in report.

Hunting Lane, 8800 block, July 27. Stolen vehicle.

Haynes Road, 15700 block, July 27. Weapons check.

South Laurel Drive, 11700 block, July 26. Break-in report.

Ironbridge Lane, 6900 block, July 26. Break-in report.

Laurel Bowie Road, 14200 block, July 26. Theft from auto.

Royal Court, 13600 block, July 25. Break-in.

McCahill Drive, 6700 block, July 25. Theft.

Orem Drive, 6700 block, July 25. Stolen vehicle.

Baltimore Avenue, 13400 block, July 25. Stolen vehicle.

Montague Drive, 11700 block, July 24. Break-in report.

Northbound Laurel Bowie Road/Muirkirk Road, July 24. Theft from auto.

Snowden Loop, 8400 block, July 24. Theft from auto.

Laurel Bowie Road, 12700 block, July 23. Weapons check.

Cherry Lane, 8700 block, July 22. Break-in.

Barnsley Court, 8800 block, July 22. Break-in report.

Golden Oak Drive, 13100 block, July 22. Break-in report.

Orem Drive, 6700 block, July 22. Theft.

Larchdale Road, 13100 block, July 22. Theft from auto.

Mid Atlantic Boulevard, 13300 block, July 22. Stolen vehicle.

Avebury Drive, 13600 block, July 22. Fight.

Howard County

Covered Wagon, 9700 block, between 1:50 and 2:04 p.m. Entry gained to residence by unknown means. Silver Apple desktop computer stolen from dining room table. Victim left residence for 14 minutes. Both front windows and front door locked. Victim found windows unlocked and front door locked.

Kendall Road, 9300 block, between July 27 and July 28. Entry gained to unsecured garage. Bicycle, golf clubs and bicycle shoes stolen. Tool kit moved from shelf but not taken.

Harding Road, 10800 block, between midnight and 5 a.m. July 10. Unforced screen porch entry. Binoculars stolen.

Moonshine Hollow, 9000 block, between 1 and 8:40 p.m. July 23. Entry gained to home by unlocking front door. Jewelry, notebook computer and iPad stolen.

White Court, 10400 block, 11 a.m. July 23. Victim returned home and found bedroom ransacked. Family member reported hearing loud noise, later found side door to residence pried open. Cash, jewelry and electronics stolen.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes can call the appropriate police department: city of Laurel, 301-498-0092; Prince George's County, 1-866-643-2369; Howard County, 410-313-2200.

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