Stranger at River Hill Giant touches mom's life [Letter]

One of the most embarrassing moments in my life ended in tears and hugs from a total stranger. I was checking out with my 22-month-old son at the River Hill Giant. I was mortified when my debit card was declined. I felt my face turning red, and was prepared to return all of my groceries.

There was a lady in line behind me with several kids. I thought that she must be really aggravated with me holding up the line. Then something totally unexpected happened. She paid for my groceries saying she had once been in a similar situation. I was shocked that this total stranger would do this for me. I tried to get her name and address to pay her back. She adamantly refused. I was so moved by her kindness and compassion, and was reduced to tears. We talked some more, and more tears were shed by both of us. I promised her that I would never forget her generosity, and vowed to her that I would "pay it forward" in some way. Then she hugged my son and I. I hope she reads this, and knows how much she has touched my life.

Elizabeth Liem


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