Mr. Robert Monroe, Schuykill, afflicted with the above distressing malady.  Symptoms-- Great languor, flatulency, disturbed rest, nervous, head ache, difficulty of breathing, tightness and stricture across the breast, dizziness, nervous irritability and restlessness, could not lie in a horizontal position without the sensation of impending suffocation, palpitation of the heart, distressing cough, costiveness, pain in the stomach, drowsiness and great deficiency of due nervous energy.  Mr. R. Monroe gave up every thought of recovery and dire despair sat on the countenance of every person interested in his existence or happiness, till be accident he noticed in a public paper some cures effected by DR. WM. EVANS' MEDICINE in his complaint, which induced him to purchase a package of this pills, which resulted in completely removing every symptom of his disease.  He wishes to say his motive for this declaration is, that those afflicted with the same or any symptoms similar to those from which he is happily restored may likewise receive the same inestimable benefit.


MORTMIER & MOXBRAY, General Agents, No. 180 Baltimore st, and 116 same street, next to Cohen's Bank.

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