Ladew Topiary Gardens

3535 Jarrettsville Pike, Monkton

Real life: Ladew Topiary Gardens is home to 22 acres of formal gardens, including fountains, vibrant flowers and shrubs and trees clipped to look like animals, a historic Manor House and a butterfly house. The Iris Garden contains 65 iris varieties, including bearded, Siberian and Japanese.

House of Cards [Season 2, Chapter 20]: The site of a garden meeting between Doug Stamper, Underwood’s chief of staff, and Xander Feng, a Chinese businessman, in Beijing, China.

The transformation: To give Ladew’s Iris Garden a more Asian feel, crews built a pagoda near the garden’s topiary of a Chinese junk, an ancient Chinese sailing ship. They also edited out the trees and sky in the background, replacing them with the Beijing skyline, says Julie Gilbert, Ladew spokeswoman. In addition, crews built a red wooden bridge to cover the garden’s existing wrought-iron bridge and a stone patio next to the Iris Garden pond. “It was beautiful,” Gilbert says. “But we couldn’t keep it because we are a historic garden, so we cannot make changes such as this.”

Courtesy of Ladew Topiary Gardens
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