Rescue crews help climber in distress at King and Queen Seat Tuesday

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Crews at the scene said there did not appear to be any injuries and the person involved was safe.

Rescue crews were called to the area of the King & Queen Seat rock formation in Rocks State Park in northern Harford County Tuesday afternoon for a report of a climber in trouble.

Units from the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company were dispatched to the area around Route 24 and St. Clair Bridge Road shortly after 4 p.m., according to monitored Harford County emergency radio broadcasts.

The male climber was not hurt and was rescued less than an hour after the initial call was made.

"It was over in about 55 minutes," Maryland Natural Resources Police spokesperson Candy Thomson said.

The climber, whose name and age were not available, was free climbing on the rock formation when he got stuck about 15 feet up.

Area fire companies, Natural Resources officers and state park service staff responded, according to Thomson.

"He got down, he was fine," Thomson said, noting the climber did not need medical attention.

She said incidents on the King and Queen Seat, where people have been seriously injured or killed in falls, "don't always end up this well, but this one did."

Temperatures were well into the 70s and the sun was shining throughout the day Tuesday. The King & Queen Seat is popular with rock climbers but also has been the scene of numerous accidents.

As the weather gets warmer, Thomson said, more people will be out in parks and on the water, and there is the potential for more rescues as people's boating and climbing skills have become "a little rusty" over the winter.

"It will be a learning curve for boaters and climbers and paddlers and everybody, so we'll be on our toes," she said.

Thomson said Natural Resources officials "urge people to take it slow, get their sea legs back, get their climbing skills sharp again; we have a long season ahead of us."


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