Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Killing of two Harford deputies was 'senseless, senseless,' says friend who was nearby

"Literally, there were 30 cops there in five minutes," says man who was close by when deputies were shot

Six days after two veteran Harford County Sheriff's Office deputies were gunned down, Randy Reinecke was still trying to process what he calls a "senseless, senseless killing" of two of his friends and acquaintances.

"I can't explain how upset I am," Reinecke, 46, said Monday night, as the week of mourning for Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey and Deputy First Class Mark Logsdon was beginning.

Reinecke, a 30-year member of the Fallston Volunteer Fire & Ambulance Company, also works as the head chef and kitchen manager at the Ocean City Brewing Co. restaurant in the Boulevard at Box Hill shopping center in Abingdon.

He was working at around 11:45 a.m. on Feb. 10, when the restaurant's front manager came back and told him to help lock all the doors, as there was a shooting "in progress" next door at the Panera Bread restaurant.

Police say 68-year-old David Brian Evans, who was wanted on a criminal warrant from Florida and a civil writ from Harford County, shot Senior Deputy Dailey, 52, in the head as the deputy approached Evans inside the restaurant.

Evans, who family members say had a history of stalking his ex-wife, then left the Panera and walked toward the Park View senior apartments.

Responding police officers, including Deputy First Class Logsdon, 43, confronted Evans in the Park View parking lot, where police say Evans shot DFCS Logsdon and then was killed by deputies returning fire.

Reinecke said he was not aware at first that Senior Deputy Dailey, whom he had known throughout his career as a volunteer firefighter, was the victim of the first shooting.

Senior Deputy Dailey was an active life member of the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company, and his sons, Bryan and Tyler, are members of the same company.

Reinecke's 17-year-old son, Justin, also is a member of Joppa-Magnolia and is best friends with Tyler Dailey.

As Reinecke and his co-workers at Ocean City Brewing were trying to secure the establishment, a woman carrying a baby and her friend ran up to the entrance just as the doors were being locked. Reinecke and his fellow manager let them in.

"We sheltered [them] in place," he recalled.

He said the three had been in Panera when the first fatal shooting happened. The mother told him she heard a "pop," then grabbed her baby and fled the restaurant.

"They left everything in that restaurant," Reinecke said.

He said Ocean City Brewing staff later purchased diapers and baby wipes at the nearby Wegmans supermarket.

"We did everything we could to make them feel more comfortable," Reinecke said.

He said the mother, who told him she works as a nurse, was not as shaken as her friend, who he recalled was "just completely, obviously in shock and disbelief."

"She was quite upset," he said.

He said the baby seemed unaffected by the chaos and was more interested in getting fed.

Reinecke said the trio sheltered with the other Ocean City Brewing patrons and staff as police responded to the first shooting.

"Literally, there were 30 cops there in five minutes," he said.

Reinecke said the front manager was outside the restaurant as police converged on Evans, and she reported hearing a "pop, pop, pop," which was the sound of police shooting and killing the suspect.

He said the patrons could leave about an hour and a half after the incident, and the staff about an hour and a half after that.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Reinecke was outside and saw Senior Deputy Dailey's patrol car, which he recognized by its number, parked next to the Panera.

Reinecke said Senior Deputy Dailey was loaded onto a Maryland State Police Medevac helicopter that landed in the Box Hill parking lot and took the injured officer to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where he was later pronounced dead.

Reinecke's son, Justin, later called him and asked if he had heard from Senior Deputy Dailey, as Tyler Dailey was trying to reach his father. Reinecke relayed his suspicions, that Senior Dailey Deputy had been shot, to his son.

Justin Reinecke drove Tyler Dailey to Shock Trauma, and Justin called his father to tell him "Mr. Pat" had died.

"My son called me and said, 'Mr. Pat passed, and I could hear his son in the background, and I told my son to 'hold him with everything you have, son because he needs you right now,'" Reinecke recalled, his voice breaking.

He got a text message from his son later that night saying that Deputy First Class Logsdon also had died.

"[Evans] took the lives of two great family men and honorable people in the community," Reinecke said.

Reinecke knew both men from their service on the Sheriff's Office honor guard, which holds its monthly practices at the Fallston fire station.

"Little did both of them know that day that the people they practiced with would be their honor guard," he said.

He became friends with Senior Deputy Dailey through the honor guard, as well as their shared fire service and that of their sons.

Reinecke said his 11-year-old twin sons, Garrett and Luke, would ride with him when he dropped Justin off at the Joppa firehouse.

Reinecke said Senior Deputy Dailey was "always giggling and messing with" his younger sons, and he warned them to never ride in a police car "in a bad way."

"They said, 'No sir,'" Reinecke recalled.

Reinecke also shared a Maryland Star of Life award with Senior Deputy Dailey and four of his fellow deputies for saving a teenage boy after a crash on Route 23 in December of 2002.

The 17-year-old driver was trapped in his burning SUV, and Reinecke and the five deputies pulled him out.

"If we had not done what we did, he would have perished," Reinecke said of the driver.

Reinecke said the rescue is "just one of the many things" Senior Deputy Dailey did as a firefighter or a police officer.

"You can't think of a thing but complete sorrow for him, his family, everything," Reinecke said.

"With a heavy heart and sobbing eyes, I'll pay my respects for both men who gave their lives for what they believed in," he said.

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