Another perspective on the 'rain tax' and the Chesapeake [letter to the editor]


Reading the Wednesday issue of The Aegis (9/23/2013) the letter written by Alison Prost was highly expected, as she missed so many points, namely one that most of the Chesapeake Bay's pollution is filtering down from points north like Pennsylvania, which continues to heavily pollute the Susquehanna River Basin as well the other states that pour heavy pollution into the Potomac River. Please note that both the Susquehanna and the Potomac flow into the Bay so Maryland is entirely responsible for not even 30 percent of the pollution.

I have to agree that it was wrong to start a "Rain Tax" for the state to handle the problem alone! I think that other states should be held responsible and should pay this tax on behalf of Maryland! So I support David Craig and the Maryland Republican Party to go all out to repeal this ridiculous tax that will hurt Maryland's economy as well cost the state much-needed jobs.

Furthermore, the Democrats have to learn to listen to all the "voices" of Maryland citizens as taxing us to death is not the answer to every problem in this state. The Democrats have shown that they don't care if Maryland sinks, and passing all these taxes, fees and tolls is proof that Maryland is on the "Wrong Path" on promoting honesty and prosperity for all its citizens!

Ken J. Bower


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