Delegate impressed by operation at Harford's animal shelter [letter to the editor]


I recently invited elected officials in Harford County to accompany me on a tour of the Humane Society of Harford County to see the good work done there.

I was met by the manager, Blaine Lang, who conducted the tour. The first thing I noticed was how friendly and caring the workers and volunteers were and how clean everything was kept. The dogs are paired off in fenced areas where they can go outside and remain protected from the elements. They are walked every day by workers and volunteers who continually show the animals love, respect and physical touch.

Every day presents a new challenge. One morning Blaine arrived only to find a giant Rottweiler abandoned and chained to the fence near the entrance. The dog was angry and not approachable, forcing them to call the police to protect the workers who did not know the dog's history. Blaine went behind the fence and lightly sedated the dog with a spray which temporarily put the dog asleep and allowed the workers to move him to a private fenced in area. Within a few days, this huge scary dog turned into a Teddy Bear that loves to be hugged and petted. This is but one of many miracles done there every day.

The cats are kept in another area where they are allowed to roam free so that people can visit with them before adoption. Volunteers come every day to play with and hold the cats and show them love. The Humane Society now has a location in the mall where one can adopt a cat, paying what you can afford for adoption. And yes, I did leave with a cat named Pine. The next week I brought my neighbor, who adopted two more cats. She was given an extensive tour which is offered to all who want one.

Pigs, rabbits, and various other small animals are available for adoption as well. All the dogs and cats are neutered, micro chipped for future identification and immunized. In addition, the animals have been socialized with other animals and people who love them. It is important for all dog and cat owners to get their loving pet micro chipped for future identification purposes, and call the humane society if their friend ends up missing. (2208 Connolly Rd., Fallston, MD21047, 410-836-1090).

The Humane Society has two free dog parks that are open to the public with picnic tables and benches large enough for the whole family, plenty of parking and many kind and helpful workers and volunteers to make your visit a pleasant experience.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you in Annapolis.

Del. Glenn Glass

District 34, Eastern Harford

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