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CPR training aid donated to Level VFC by National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation

The National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation will make a donation of CPR training aids to the Level Volunteer Fire Company on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 10 a.m. at the fire station at 3633 Level Village Road in Havre de Grace.

Charlie Walls of Plaza Ford in Bel Air will be on hand to present the members of Level VFC with several CPR mannequins, which will be used to teach pre-hospital care providers and citizens high performance CPR.

Quality Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation improves survival from cardiac arrest. Scientific studies demonstrate when CPR is performed according to guidelines, the chances of successful resuscitation increase substantially. Minimal breaks in compressions, full chest recoil, adequate compression depth and adequate compression rate are all components of CPR that can increase survival from cardiac arrest. Together, these components combine to create high performance CPR.

"The donation by Plaza Ford will give first responders the chance to practice high performance CPR on the mannequins and provide higher quality CPR to the community in an emergency," Ambulance Captain Sandra Gallion said. "It will also allow us to train lay people in the community on how to do high performance CPR in an emergency to enable a greater chance for patient survival. Teaching the community how to perform this high quality of CPR will give a patient less down time with no circulation creating a higher chance of survival rate."

For additional information regarding the donation contact Assistant Chief Rhonda Polk, lifesaver911@comcast.net or http://www.levelvfc.com.

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