Local animal rescue group attends no-kill conference at George Washington University Law Center

Several volunteers from the Harford County animal rescue group No Kill Harford attended the 9th annual No Kill Conference at George Washington University Law Center. The conference was hosted by the No Kill Advocacy Center and the Animal Law Program at George Washington University.

Participants attended from 44 states and several countries to learn how to improve the save rate of animals in open admission shelters in their communities. According to the No Kill Advocacy Center, more than 150 communities, representing approximately 600 cities and towns have already achieved a 90 percent or higher save rate thus far. Some of the best practices presented include high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter services, working with local rescue groups, pet retention programs (keeping pets in homes) and a proactive approach to returning lost pets to their owners.

The keynote speaker was Nathan Winograd, award winning author of Redemption and past shelter director of both Tompkins County, N.Y., and San Francisco SPCA. Winograd successfully transformed both organizations from traditional kill shelters to no-kill shelters using the No Kill Equation.

"The No Kill Conference is an amazing opportunity to network with people who have actually succeeded at transforming their local open admission animal shelters from a place where the majority of animals are killed to a place where almost all are saved," No Kill Harford Executive Director Adam Wysocki said. "We're going to bring the things we learned at the conference back to Harford County and continue to work towards our goal of making Harford County one of the safest places for pets in the county."

Besides rescuing Harford County animals and providing low/no cost spay and neuter to Harford residents, No Kill Harford is an advocate for shelter reform. To learn more about No Kill Harford or to make a lifesaving donation, visit http://www.nokillharford.org.

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