The good news is, there's plenty of good news [Commentary]

Those of us who work in the news business are well-accustomed to hearing the lament that it would be nice to see some positive things get a little bit of publicity.

We're also a bit sensitive to it not because the lament is well-founded, but because there's never really a shortage of good news, and a fair amount of good news generally finds its way into print. The problem is, unfortunately, bad news is often more useful than good news, and it's generally what we focus on.

A deer causes a bad accident. Anyone who drives in Harford County can easily envision a scenario about hitting a deer that suddenly appears in the roadway. It's just too easy to be frightened by the bad and allow it to overshadow the good.

But there's plenty of good out there, too. This was evident two weekends ago when an awful lot of people turned out to get their heads shaved in support of a fundraiser for St. Baldrick's Foundation, an organization that raises money to fight cancer in children.

There's also the story of the Harford County government employees who recently collected 6,200 pounds of food (more than three tons) to help restock local food pantries for the needy.

And there's Fallston Presbyterian Church, which has become kind of a local jumping off point for providing aid to victims of last fall's Sandy storm in New Jersey.

Did you see the one about the fifth-graders who have signed pledges saying they'll not be trying tobacco products?

For sheer guilty pleasure purposes, how good is it that Kool and the Gang and KC and the Sunshine Band, hit makers of the 1970s, will be playing later this year in Harford County?

Those are just a few examples of the good going on in Harford County. There are many, many more.

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