Letter writer laments state of Harford County's delegation to the General Assembly


Harford County was a wonderful place to have grown-up, riding ponies, attending Harford Horse Show Association Shows, and moreover, enjoying country living. The country living which I experienced was one of cooperation, where I never heard a chorus of extremist political views.  However, and sadly,  Harford County has come to be known by State Stakeholders as having political representation which holds beliefs which are far to the right on the political spectrum.

The Harford County Delegation in general in known to hold these extreme, right-wing beliefs.  Moreover, this group fails to review and discuss issues and determine what is the best positioning, on any given topic, for Harford County residents. Instead, each political topic or bill is viewed as how it can fit into the GOP War Room to only advance a political agenda.   

Voters need to know that their Del. Donna Lindeman Stifler is seen in our State's Capital as the Republican version of former Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend - a silly mockup who reverberates Michele Bachman rhetoric and conforms only to fringe viewpoints. What is best for Harford County and now Cecil County, and their residents, is never a consideration for her.

Citizens and Voters from Harford and Cecil counties can actually elect someone to the new 35th Districts who can and will help the municipality – not childishly side with others to start political wars at the expense of their district. The goals of newly elected officials can be to work with other State Stakeholders, to make the municipality better, like better schools, help with transportation issues, etc.

In the past though, few were willing to serve. Harford County has not had a bench from which to bring people into the political process.  However, the residents should know that this is not magic and that each person can and should get involved in their district's political process. Resident of Harford and Cecil County's should consider themselves each a person who can capably serve in this role.

Michelle Lane-Smithwick


Michelle Lane Smithwick, born and raised in Harford County, lives in Baltimore County. She is a former Maryland Public Official and served as State Presidential Campaign Director for the Edwards Presidential Campaign in 2008.

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