Another voice joins Harford's Democrat vs. Republican election analysis


My good friend Stuart Tamres appears to have misunderstood the recent letter from Wendy Sawyer that appeared in The Aegis. Rather than calling on everyone to blindly jump on the Democratic bandwagon, she merely stated the obvious: President Obama won the election (and 52 percent is a majority whether Stuart believes it or not) and he gets to set the agenda. If the Republicans want to have a say, they need to join the discussions and show they are serious about solving this country's fiscal problems.

It was the minority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who made the outrageous statement in 2011, that the primary objective of his party was to deny President Obama a second term. He, along with his counterpart in the House, then did everything they could to obstruct any reasonable solution to move our country forward. Rather than working with the President, they worked against him. Too much is at stake for that to continue.

President Obama won re-election. Democrats increased their majority in the Senate and added more members to the House.

Wendy Sawyer's message is it's time for Republicans to stop grousing about losing and get to work solving our country's problems.

George F Harrison Jr.

Bel Air

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