Letter: The voters have spoken, wrongly


The 2012 elections are over and the voters have spoken.

We have four more years of Class, Race and Gender warfare. I hope the Mayan calendar is right because our country won't be recognizable after the next four years. We will look like a third world Banana Republic, aka Cuba and Venezuela. Obama can complete the Communist takeover of the executive and judicial branches of the Federal Government. When Obama and his czars get done we won't have any God given freedoms left.

So much for the freedoms, that millions of patriotic Americans served in the military to protect and the hundreds of thousands who paid the ultimate price for their service.

As for James Willard, who likes to use my name in his articles, I say you will get exactly what you voted for, the continued spiritual and moral declines of our great nation. God Bless America, we need it more than ever.

CPO/SS Robert L. Kranz Sr.


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