Letter: County electorate is out of sync with Maryland, nation


In response to Marissa Gallo's article in Friday's edition, subtitled "County bucks state, national trends on president," the outcome of this year's election demonstrates how much Harford County is out of sync with not just the rest of Maryland, but the majority of our nation's citizens. The Republican Party has gained registration advantage in Harford County, but Harford's citizens have suffered for it.

The obstructionist positions taken by our Republican elected officials have served Harford County poorly. Harford's Republicans have been hermetically sealed in their own world for so long that they can't or won't see how ineffective they have become. Failure to work with the Democratic statewide majority leaves Harford County at the end of the line at the very time we need state support for our schools and road systems.

As long as the Democratic Party remains the majority in the state, Republicans must learn to work with them, not against them. Until that happens, a Republican majority in Harford County will be meaningless, if not harmful, to our citizens.

Wendy Sawyer

Chair, Harford County Democratic

Central Committee

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