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Letter: Harford Council's spending is out of control


I have to chuckle at the article where Mr. Slutzky says he is taking the blame for the salary increase for the Council Administrator.

What is up with that? The salary is listed in the Department Staff Summary of the Budget 2013. The salary is plainly stated going from $72K to $95K. Not clear about the $120K+ salary, whether that is salary and benefits or just salary. If it is just salary, then 2 raises in one year, less than 3 months apart??? Not good.

In addition, the Assistant Council Administrator is earning $75,000 in 2013. You could sure buy a lot of police officers or teachers for the price of the Chief of Staff and his two deputies and the eight or nine council staff that didn't exist a year ago!!!  This spending is out of control!!  David Craig said the County Council is the watchdog. They must have been in the doghouse asleep during the budget meetings!

 Joan Ryder


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