Havre de Grace to honor mural artist Friday

Representatives from the City of Havre de Grace and the Susquehanna Hose Company will dedicate Shawn Forton's public art piece this Friday at 4 p.m.

Many hours of passionate work went into creating a sentiment to Havre de Grace's history and honoring the State of Maryland through the public mural Forton designed and painted, completing the work early this week.

Forton painted the mural on the north side of the foundation of the city's long ago abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad station.

The mural is just off of Juniata Street behind the Susquehanna Hose Company's No. 1 Firehouse, where Friday's dedication ceremony will take place at Juniata and Warren streets.

With the help of the Fire Chief Scott Hurst and the support of the Susquehanna Hose Company contact was made to Amtrak to gain permission to use the foundation for the mural.

As this project grew, many from within the community jumped in with support, according to the city government. Visitors would donate money or drop off Home Depot cards for supplies. Social media also played a big role in gaining attention to the project.

Vulcan Materials showed its support for the Havre de Grace Community by cleaning up the surrounding area with decorative boulders and stone and plantings of black-eyed Susans donated by Jason Faulkenstine.

"This is the type project Vulcan loves to participate in as we continue to be a good neighbor," Pat Pieton, Vulcan's assistant plant manager.

Mayor Wayne Dougherty will be on hand to present Forton with a proclamation on behalf of the City of Havre de Grace along with various Harford County officials. Activities will begin Friday August 3rd at 4pm at Juniata and Warren St.

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