Letter: Respect for the flag

As I entered the Mars grocery store parking lot in Aberdeen, I observed a gentleman having a very difficult time managing the flag because of the wind and the size of the flag. He was attempting to raise the flag. As a Veteran of Desert Storm and Patriot, I was disconcerted as I saw the flag touch the ground on three different occasions. I went to the customer service desk and requested to speak to a manager. I was so angry and almost in tears as I relayed the situation to him. I explained to the manager that there should have been two people raising the flag because of the wind. The manager seemed unconcerned about disgracing the flag, even as I raised the issue of disrespect for all who served, are serving and who gave their lives for the freedom that the flag represents.

I immediately went home and dialed the Mars Corporate Office. I spoke with a female (executive director) who shared my disgust with the treatment of the flag. After phoning the Aberdeen store manager, she phoned me back to let me know that the flag would be taken down immediately and given to the Boy Scouts to have the flag [disassembled and] burned properly.

I applaud Mars for flying the United States Flag. I hope everyone reading this letter considers what an honor it is to fly the USA flag. For those of us who fly the flag please consider the condition that your flag may be in. If it is worn or tattered please take the flag down and replace it. The United States of America deserves your respect and honor.

Specialist Nancy Barrett

United States Army

Desert Storm Veteran


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