Go Ravens!

While there will be more to say on this subject at the end of the week as the next big game draws near, it's worth taking a few lines here to give a shout out to the home team: Go Ravens!

A cast of I-bleed-purple fans has descended upon the sidewalks of Harford County to paint team symbols. And it's hard to go anywhere without noticing just about everyone is wearing something purple after our purple and black birds won their first playoff game, which came in the second round of the postseason.

In a time gone by, folks in these parts could consistently cheer in early autumn for the Orioles and again at this time of year for the Colts. But the decline and departure of the Colts and the screwing into the ground of the Orioles meant local sports fans for a time had to take on the Job-like resignation of Cubs fans.

While the Orioles continue to disappoint, the Ravens have been consistent winners, managing to remain in the thick of play at least through the end of most seasons, and into the postseason many years, including the last four.

While there's always more to talk about when it comes to rooting for a winning team, it's worth taking a second to revel in the reality of being able to root for a winning team.

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