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Doing it right in Aberdeen


If you missed the Cal's Sr's World Series, you missed a week of free entertainment and a great experience.

The weather, while it rained several times, was cool and pleasant.

The baseball was played with great expertise.

The Ripken employees worked constantly to keep the stadium immaculate throughout, even keeping the bathrooms spotless.

Whether Ripken employees, volunteers or outside vendors, everyone was friendly, polite and eager to please.

The stadium complex is a work in progress and a tribute to Cal Senior's memory.

All the fields were well-maintained and it was a positive experience to see so many youths, physically fit, playing great baseball game after game.

The stadium was a child-friendly environment with equipment and activities for the children.

Good sportsmanship was apparent in every game, no booing and good decisions by every umpire (who all volunteered their time).

Mark your calendar for next year and don't miss this event that proved Aberdeen is an " All America City."

Judy Hinch


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