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2011 Harford County Football Preview


Head coach: Johnny Brooks (first year)

2010 record: 1-9

Top returners: Kenny Faulcon, Sr., (QB/LB); Christian Carpenter, Sr., (WR/S); Quintel Kelly, Sr., (RB/DB); Kory Sampson, Jr., (OL/DL); Austin Bonsall, Jr., (RB/DB); Anthony Russ, Sr., (OL/DL); Phillip Peregino, Sr., (Ol/DL)

Key newcomers: Traveres Payton, Jr., (WB/DB); Chavez Cheatam, Sr., (WB/DB); Brenton Barnes, Sr., (OL/DL); Devin Kossakowski, Sr., (OL/DL)

Outlook: After building a successful program in rival Havre de Grace, Brooks takes over at Aberdeen. Brooks says that if the Eagles can stay healthy, there's a possibility of a good season. The Eagles are coming off a 1-9 season and Brooks thinks that early success is important, coming off such a season.

Bel Air

Head coach: David Huryk (second year)

2010 record: 5-5

Top returners: Jay Delgado, Sr., (RB/DB); Ben Ludwig, Sr., (OL/DL); Justin DeMichael, Sr., (OL/LB)

Key newcomers: Juan Singletary, Jr., (RB/LB); Tylor Tuohy, Sr., (OL/DL)

Outlook: Huryk got the Bobcats moving in the right direction last year and finished with a respectable .500 record. As for this year, Huryk said, "We are excited about the opportunity to compete in a very difficult conference."

C. Milton Wright

Head coach: David Yohn (fourth year)

2010 record: 1-9

Top returners: Todd Kirk, Sr., (OL/DL); Earl Hedgmon, Sr., (OL/DL); Josh Cimino, Sr., (QB/DB); Brian Rice, Sr., (SB/DB); Brendan Magistro, Sr., (K/P/OLB)

Key newcomers: The entire junior class

Outlook: According to Yohn, the primary focus of the past 10 months at CMW has been to make sure the Mustangs are the best they can possibly be in everything they do. "Last year was a difficult year for all of us and we dedicated ourselves to making positive changes to the program's attitude and the team's chemistry," Yohn said. "We feel as though we are moving in the right direction but we need to prove it to ourselves by playing and competing with every team on our schedule for a complete 48 minutes every Friday. We have a long way to go but we feel as though the groundwork has been set."


Head coach: Fred Myers (18th year)

2010 record: 4-6

Top returners: Kaleb Myers, (TE/LB); Ricky Dangerfield, (TB/S); Levar Shannon, (WB/S); Hassan Fulton, (OG/LB); Chancelor Bell, (OT/NT); Joshua Elseroad, (OT/DT); Bassel Naanaa, (OT/DT); Evan Aston, (C/NT); Seth Scott, (OG/DT); Jordan Hicks, (TE/LB); Quron Ewell, (FB); Jabrel Gant, (S)

Key newcomers: Darin Washington, (QB); Darryl Metz (WB)

Outlook: With the addition of two quality newcomers, Washington (6'2"/180) and Metz (5'11"/160), the Rams may be a real threat to throw the ball as well as run. Myers says the Rams' biggest problem will be that most of the players will have to go both ways.


Head coach: Dave Cesky (35th year)

2010 record: 8-3

Top returners: Connor Davis, Sr., (DE); Marc Badger, Jr., (RB); Harrison Stone, Sr., (LB); Pat Cruickshank, Jr., (FB); Sean Lewns, Jr., (LB); Ryan Umpleby, Sr., (WR/LB); Caleb Abney, Sr., (OT); Ryan Bonoff, Sr., (OT)

Key newcomers: Ian Hall, Jr., (DB); Levi Lloyd, So., (OT)

Outlook: Cesky, by far the county's most veteran head coach, says the Cougars have improved on the defensive side in 2011. Fallston has good team speed and quickness and good size and experience on the offensive line. These strengths should help Fallston win some games, according to Cesky.

Harford Tech

Head coach: Johnny Watson (11th year)

2010 record: 1-9

Top returners: Drew Rose, Sr., (OL/DL); Cal Alford, Jr., (RB/DB); Sean Klein, Sr., (OL/DL); Joe Contrino, Jr., (WR/DB); Durrell Lee, Sr., (WR/LB); Isaiah Gills, Jr., (WR/DB); Austin Nierwinski, Sr., (QB); Andres Armstrong, Jr., (QB); Gary Pink, Sr., (RB/DL); Dennis Pink, Jr., (RB/DB); James Seebeck, Sr., (OL/DL); Mike Vega, Jr., (OL/DL); Stan Smith, Sr., (RB/DB); Koran Harris, Jr., (RB/LB); Terrance Smith, Sr., (RB/DL); TJ Palmer, Jr., (WR/DB); Steve Ulrich, Sr., (OL/DL); Tyler Costa, Sr., (RB/LB); Andrew Bugda, Sr., (OL/LB); Brett Blevins, Sr., (WR/DB); Zac Taylor, Sr., (TE/DB); Colin Riley, Sr., (K/LB)

Key newcomers: Not available

Outlook: Watson begins his 11th season as head of the Cobras, but his first in a number of years. Watson says this is a big rebuilding year for the Cobras, but the kids are buying into the system that he and his coaches are trying to put in place. "They are working hard and encouraging each other to get better every day," Watson said. The Cobras had a pretty good turnout for the summer workouts, and it's starting to show with each and every practice. "I am also fortunate to have outstanding assistant coaches out here to help with the program and teach the kids what they need to know to succeed," Watson said.

Havre de Grace

Head coach: Greg Long (first year)

2010 record: 11-3

Top returners: Chris Askew, Sr., (WR); Tyler Coakley, Sr., (DL); Terrell Booth, Sr., (LB); James Smith, Sr., (WR)

Key newcomers: Cameron Doe, Jr., (RB)

Outlook: Having served as an assistant on the Warriors sideline for many years, Long gets his first crack at calling all the shots in Havre de Grace. With the loss of all but two starters, Long may have a tough challenge. Given that, Long said, the Warriors are simply looking to rebuild and compete.

John Carroll

Head coach: Rich Stichel Jr. (second year)

2010 record: 5-4

Top returners: Alex Gambrell, Jr., (K); Denzel Varner, Sr., (OL/DE); Rapheal Oduok, Sr., (FB/LB); Luke Navin, Sr., (OT/LB); Avery Callan, Sr., (WR/DE) Sr.; John Galarraga, Sr., (C/MLB)

Key newcomers: Brandon Lewis, Jr., (QB); Gus Lan, So., (FB); Dan Kelble, Jr., (OL/DL); Devon Ruane, Jr., (OL/DL); Austin Markley, Jr., (WR); Luke Reinhart, Fr., (FS); Allen Bryant, Fr., (RB)

Outlook: Stichel says the Patriots are young at skill positions, but with an experienced line. "Team seems to have gelled earlier this season and really has the basic fundamentals of our option attack down along with more team speed and hitting power on defense," Stichel said. "We look to contend for the MIAA B conference championship." John Carroll's kicking game will be unmatched as opponents will be forced to start from their own 20 and Gambrell's range in field goals will be from 50-plus yards.


Head coach: Bill Waibel (eighth year)

2010 record: 5-5

Top returners: Khalil Jones, Jr., (OL/DL); Brandon Barlow, Sr., (OL/DL); Jon Pace, Sr., (QB/LB); Trey Goode, Sr., (QB/LB)

Key newcomers: Jamil Lee, Sr., (RB/LB); Maurice Trusty, Jr., (LB/RB); Kashawn Graham, Jr., (RB/DB)

Outlook: The Mariners 5-5 finish in 2010 kept them out of the playoffs after seven straight post-season appearances that began with a state title in 2003. Waibel's thoughts for the 2011 campaign target that. "Our outlook is to improve from last year and earn a spot in the playoffs. We can achieve this if we stay healthy," Waibel said.

North Harford

Head coach: Ken Brinkman (11th year)

2010 record: 11-1

Top returners: Brady Maguire, Sr., (WR/DB); Ryan Stinar, Sr., (QB); Nick Warren, Sr., (RB/DB); Dylan Peper, Sr., (TE/LB); Josh Welsh, Jr., (RB/DB); Drew Mullhausen, Sr., (FB/NG); Brad Long, Sr., (RB/LB); Jake Hughes, Sr., (FB/LB); Jon Hammer, Sr.,(FB/LB); Sean Cannon, Sr., (OL/LB); Eric Bohns, Sr., (OL/DL); Brandon Wooten, Sr., (OL/DL); Trevor Atkinson, Sr., (OL/DL); Brendan Harris, Sr., (WR/DB); Austin Ensor, Sr., (WR/DB)

Key newcomers: Eric Bayer, Jr., (RB/DB); Andrew Siegel, Jr., (WR/DB); Nick Tittle, Jr., (WR/DB); Nick Hammer, So., (QB/DB); Tyler Campbell, Jr., (RB/DB); Sean Jackson, Jr., (WR/LB); Tyler Ayers, Jr., (OL/DL); Kyle Sharpe, Jr., (OL/DL); Chris King, Jr., (WR/K); Anthony Lewis, Sr.,(OL/DL)

Outlook: "I believe the strength of our team will be our defense. We have most of them back and are at least two deep at each position," Brinkman said. "I would have to say that offensively we are rebuilding, but we have quality players back that played a lot in our offense last year and even started some games." The Hawks did lose the starting backfield (quarterback, fullback and tailback), a huge loss which totaled nearly 60 touchdowns last year. The Hawks also have to replace their placekicker, who was a first-year player and was extremely consistent.

Patterson Mill

Head coach: Josh Mason (fifth year)

2010 record: 7-4

Top returners: Justin Gunn, Sr., (OL/DL); Jay Kuhn, Sr., (OL/DL); Zach Jordan, Sr., (TE/DL); Mike Samra, Sr., (RB/LB); Justin Palmer, Sr., (WR/DB); Tyler Oppel, Jr., (RB/LB); Deonte Alston, Sr., (RB/DB)

Key newcomers: Luke DePasquale, Jr., (QB/DB); Griffin Marge, Jr., (OL/LB)

Outlook: In just five years, Mason and Patterson Mill enjoyed their best season (7-4) to date that ended with a loss in the playoffs. Mason says the Huskies look to build upon last year's first-ever playoff season. Mason hopes to remain competitive and make another push for a winning and playoff season.

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