Delegate opposed to 'tax train'


Maryland is a great place to live!  With the Chesapeake Bay, mountains to the west, with seafood, fishing, hunting, boating, crabbing.

Where I live in Aberdeen, we have our own worldwide tourist attraction, Ripken Stadium. The Cal Ripken World Series last week was a success. As a native Marylander and young boy I grew up, like many young boys, playing youth baseball. Sports teach children a valuable lesson in teamwork.

Despite the bad weather, the Bel Air BBQ Bash was a huge success. Havre de Grace's Seafood Festival had good food, nice people and the Charlie Daniels Band (saw them while in the Army in Savannah, Ga.). 

Walking along Tydings Park I remembered why I love Maryland so much. I met a bird watching tourist from New Jersey. We watched an osprey swoop down and catch a fish, but before the osprey could eat it a bald eagle tried to attack and take the fish.

While the bald eagle chased the osprey, it dropped the fish into the water.

Watching that made me think of what's happening around Maryland and elsewhere in the world.   Even though we are sometimes overwhelmed by what's going on with the economy, tolls, taxes and education we need to continue pursuing what's right for our families and children. We can't give in and let it be taken away!  We have an out of control Tax Train in Annapolis that we need to keep chasing until it drops the fish. 

I stand firm against any new taxes or increases. 

It's always a pleasure talking to everyone, and I continue to be inspired by your thoughts and comments.    

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay in touch!

Del. Glen Glass

District 34, Southern Harford and Cecil counties


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