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Political name calling a bit much


While I thank CPO Robert Kranz for his service, I find his letter published Aug. 19 in the Open Forum puzzling. He suggests that President Obama has "Marxist-Leninist views."

What is he talking about?

If the President is a "Marxist," so must be Mitt Romney and several past and present Republican senators who proposed the same health care plan signed into law by Mr. Obama. Not to mention every American who relies on or believes in Social Security and Medicare.

I also wonder if Mr. Kranz would consider veteran's benefits as Marxist? Was Ronald Reagan a Marxist for raising our taxes several times and insisting that the debt ceiling be raised 18 times?

How about George W. Bush, who spent money like it grew on trees, was he a Marxist? Was Mr. Kranz that one guy who took to the streets to protest President Bush's massive expansion of government and debt?

I suppose Richard Nixon was a "Marxist" for proposing the Environmental Protection Agency. I don't recall the EPA hindering economic development under Bill Clinton. Nor, for that matter is it hindering economic development today – unless Mr. Kranz is dismayed that a coal fired power plant cannot be built in downtown Bel Air.

Honestly. A person can stand for the proposition that government has a useful role in people's lives – and that its role should increase in times of crisis, like now – without having "Marxist-Leninist views."

We should be able to disagree with one another about policy without resorting to extreme name-calling. And we can do so without belittling another person's belief system.

Kim McCarthy

Bel Air

The writer is a member of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee.

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