Harford County Sheriff Office Uses Sustainable Site Design

In 2008, as one of Harford County Executive David R. Craig's Environmental Stewardship Initiatives, the Energy Management Steering Committee also known as the Green Team was formed; the goal of the team is to guide energy and resource efficiency practices within the county. In June 2010, the Green Team created the Green Star Program to foster a culture of sustainability and recognize actions by county employees that demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship and promote energy efficiency and resource management.

The Green Stars for the fourth quarter are Capt. Dan Galbraith of the Harford County Sheriff's Office and Ed Maley and JR Shillman of the department of public works, division of construction management ,for the sustainable site preparation and design of the Southern Precinct. The winning selection was voted on by the members of the Green Team and the selection process consisted of two phases. The first phase was an initial review of all Green Stars awarded between April and June, to identify the top six Green Star awards. The final selection was from the top two awards to identify the Green Star of the Quarter.

The Southern Precinct project is a redevelopment of a formerly developed site. Site preparation included cleanup and removal of approximately 2,700 cubic yards (4,100 tons) of soil contaminated with petroleum products, as well as an abandoned underground fuel tank and a septic system holding tank. The design of the Southern Precinct includes LED parking lot lighting, energy efficient radiant in-floor heat, a reflective "cool" roof for the vehicle garage and the simple-saver roof insulation system for the garage. The roof insulation system provides high insulation value, limits air leakage and provides a highly reflective ceiling to reduce lighting requirements.

Furthermore, the use of an innovative, electronic submittal exchange process in the design and construction phases drastically reduced the amount of paper typically produced from the review and revision process by 75 to 80 percent.

According to the Submittal Exchange, a typical $15 million project can save 6.25 trees and 4,700 pounds of carbon dioxide (equivalent to recycling 6,000 aluminum cans). In addition, for each new project, Submittal Exchange will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation's Give-A-Tree program, effectively doubling the number of trees saved by the project's use of electronic submittals.

To learn more about the Green Star Program and to see all of our Green Stars, please visit the Sustainability Office website, http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/Green/.

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