Aegis Open Forum: Regarding comments on the president


This is in reply to SGM Porter's opinions in the Aug. 12 Open Forum.

To begin with, I agree on your stance on eliminating foreign aid, but you omitted withholding funds for the United Nation and evicting them fromNew York.

As for white Americans not accepting Obama due to race, most white Americans would support qualified black candidates for president such as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice who have vast leadership and diplomatic experience. Not an inexperienced community organizer with Marxist - Leninist views.

Big government creates nothing but an overbearing bureaucracy which erodes everyone's freedoms, as witness the EPA, whose powers strangle any possibility of an economic recovery. By the way, there is no Mother Earth or Mother Water, only Father God in Heaven who created us all. Our economy is in shambles and the only solution Obama has is to blame everyone but himself. He needs to do as SGM Porter said and represent ALL the people and not just his select few.

CPO Robert L. Kranz Sr.

U.S. Navy Retired


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