The royal treatment

It's not a huge sum of money when it comes to public works projects, which can run in to the tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, but the $210,000 the Maryland Transportation Authority recently spent to resurface the access road for the agency's administrative building off I-95 in Perryville seems a little extravagant, given the situation.

Times are tough. People are looking for work. Government budgets are tight. And it wouldn't be hard to find a list of safety improvements that need to be made on roadways in Harford and Cecil counties (Yes, we know, that money comes out of another pot).

Then there's the whole toll increase fiasco that remains a saddle sore for folks who regularly use the local toll bridges.

In light of all this, $210,000 to repave a road that wasn't in terrible shape that's used by transportation authority staff, Maryland State Police at the JFK Barrack, and few others, seems just a little bit imperial.

If the transportation authority doesn't want to be seen as callous and uncaring when it comes to public sentiment, it's leadership really should stop behaving as though the public it is supposed to be serving is nothing more than a source of toll money.

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