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My friend


I met Armand Dupre in January, 1979 when I restarted my career with the Bel Air Police Department. I already knew some members:  Wendell Baxter, Grant Thompson, John Harkins and John Baker. We had gone through the academy several years before.

For the next 10 years, I worked with Armand. They were the best years of being a cop. Through these years, we did our jobs professionally and also had a lot of good times. Armand was an expert on firearms. I was the expert on fireworks. 

I kept in touch with Armand throughout the years, either through retirements in the department, or deaths of family and friends. Armand was never a back-stabber. He had a classic vehicle, and I have a 57 Chevrolet. We talked many times about our vehicles.

Armand, I will never forget you, and the extra good times—like clearing the department's parking lot on a Sunday morning of a green smoke grenade, or telling me, "John! John! Don't back up—there's an M-80 under your vehicle." 

Armand, I won't say goodbye, just "see you later."  I will always love you, and will never forget a darn good friend.

John Chance


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