Bats have their benefits


After reading your recent article onbats reported at apartment complexes in Aberdeen, for the sake of balance in your paper as well as the ecosystem, please publish thatbats come with benefits too.

Bats eat tons of mosquitos, preventing the spread of West Nile virus, malaria and other diseases to humans. Farmers would have to use more toxic pesticides on the crops we eat, if not for the consumption of agricultural pests by bats.

A mysterious fungus called white nose syndrome has been wiping out whole bat colonies (and maybe species) throughout the Northeast over the past five years. White nose syndrome arrived in Maryland caves just this past winter. Scientists have not been able to halt the march of this disease to the south and west.

Healthy bat populations should not be wantonly destroyed out of fear. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources website describes what to do if bats are found in a residence. See:

Dorothy Paugh


The writer is a former resident of Aberdeen.

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