Letter to the Editor

Thank you for the article on education opportunities for immigrants. (Page 1 & 11, June 8th).

Unfortunately, I must take issue with the writer's use of the term "Illegals." God did not create anyone "Illegal." Please use the term "undocumented immigrants." The tone referenced in the article is one of withholding. The article seemed to center about withholding opportunities without discussing the alternate options. The issue of undocumented immigrants is complicated. Many persons came to the US to flee unemployment, violence, crime or lack of natural resources. The return to many countries of origin is simply not an option. If immigrants do receive an education, it would aid the economic situation of our state, and perhaps even they could return to their former home country with an education so they can make a difference. After all, what is the option? Education is a productive way to consume time. We all see what happens when bright, willing, eager, motivated people hang out on the street-corner.

Many undocumented immigrants take positions that U.S. workers avoid. Part of the problem is employers who hire undocumented workers. This should be discussed, but is beyond the scope of this letter. It would be illuminating to see what the projected expected use of this opportunity would be. It is uncommon to hear from a U.S. student that they were bumped due to students of undocumented workers.

As a father, and Army Veteran of overseas conflict, I have a different point of view. If I was a parent in a country with intense corruption, kidnapping, civil war and other horrors, I would consider becoming a refugee to the USA or Europe where the "streets are paved with education". We, in the USA ,have the opportunity to give the mercy of education.

Daniel Rusin


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