Harford County resources

The Harford County government maintains an extensive Web site, with detailed information of interest to county residents.

The information is arranged in four categories: Government (which includes details of the county budget, the county code, the names and contact information for officials, zoning information and similar material); Business (which includes economic development, licenses and permits, and the health department); General (which includes a calendar or events, holiday schedule and visitors guide); and Community (which includes how to get birth and death certificates, community services, sheriff's office and community volunteer opportunities).

Here are some highlights from the county government site:

Harford County Government:

County Executive
David R. Craig

Council President
Billy Boniface

Council District A
Dion F. Guthrie

Council District B
Veronica "Roni" Chenowith

Council District C
James V. McMahan Jr.

Council District D
Chad R. Shrodes

Council District E
Richard C. Slutzky

Council District F
Mary Ann Lisanti

  • Harford County Circuit Court
  • Harford County Department of Social Services
  • Harford County Executive Branch
  • Harford County government services
  • Harford County Job Services
  • Harford County Register of Wills
  • Harford County Sex Offender Registry
    In addition to the county government, three municipalities provide services such as cultural events, trash collection, police protection and recreation facilities. Those sites are:
  • City of Aberdeen
  • City of Bel Air
  • City of Havre de Grace
    There are a number of sites offering statistical profiles and overviews of Harford County. Here are a few:

  • Harford Census facts
  • National Association of Counties
  • Harford County profile
    The Harford County Public School system maintains a large Web site arranged in six categories: About us; Administration; Board of Education; Our Schools; Academic Studies; Our Community. Here are some highlights from that site and related education sites:
  • Harford County schools
  • Academic Calendar 2006-7
  • Harford County Council PTA
  • Harford Community College
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Harford County
    The Harford County Public Library maintains a large Web site arranged in six categories: Find Books, Music, Movies; Library Services, Branches and Jobs; Online Resources and Articles; Library Programs and Events; Foundation, Friends and Volunteers; Small Business Center; Readers Place. Here are details for the library and similar sites:
  • Harford County Public Library
  • Harford County Library Services
  • Harford County cemeteries
  • Harford County Genealogical Society
  • Harford County Historical Society
  • The Booths of Harford County
    Environmental and conservation concerns are high on the list of county residents' interests:
  • Recommended Development Principles (2003)
  • Harford County Ducks Unlimited
  • Harford County Greenways
  • Harford County Superfund Report
    Tourism and outdoor activities maintain a strong presence in the county. Here is a sampling:
  • Harford County tourism site
  • Harford County Farm Fair
  • Harford County hiking
  • Harford County Bird Club
  • Harford Visitors Network
    Business maintains a large presence in the county:
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Conowingo Hydroelectric Plant
  • Finding a home in Harford county
  • Harford County foreclosed properties
  • Harford County Chamber of Commerce
  • Harford County Association of Realtors
  • Harford County business statistics
  • Upper Chesapeake Health System
    Other resources, including community organizations, professional groups and interest groups:
  • Apartment Finder
  • Harford County American Association of University Women
  • Harford County Astronomical Society
  • Harford County Bar Association
  • Harford County Cultural Arts Board
  • Harford County Humane Society
  • Humane Society 'lost pet' page
  • Healthy Harford
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